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Lens Replacement Surgery

Lens Replacement Surgery can be an excellent option to reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses, particularly if laser vision correction is not suitable.

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What is Lens Replacement Surgery?

Lens Replacement Surgery (LRS), is a surgical procedure that corrects refractive errors, such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism, by replacing the eye's natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). It is often performed as an alternative to LASIK or when cataracts are present, making it a versatile and effective solution for vision correction.


Why Consider LRS?

LRS is recommended for individuals seeking to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. It can address a wide range of vision issues and is especially beneficial for those with high prescriptions or age-related vision changes.

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What to Expect

Preoperative Evaluation:

You will undergo a comprehensive eye examination to assess your eye health and determine your prescription. Your surgeon will discuss your visual goals and medical history.

Choosing the Intraocular Lens (IOL):

Based on your unique needs, your surgeon will help you select the most  appropriate IOL. Monofocal IOLs correct vision at one distance, while multifocal IOLs provide a broader range of vision.


Surgery Day:

On the day of the surgery, you will be given local anesthesia and a sedative to keep you comfortable and relaxed.


Your surgeon will create a small incision in the eye and use ultrasound technology to break up and remove the eye's natural lens.

The chosen IOL is implanted to replace the natural lens. The incision is typically self-sealing, eliminating the need for sutures.

Recovery and Follow-up:

After the procedure, you will rest briefly in a recovery area. You may experience some mild discomfort, but this is usually temporary.

You will receive post-operative instructions, including the use of prescribed eye drops and any activity restrictions.

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress and ensure that your eye is healing as expected.

Benefits of Lens Replacement Surgery

Reduced Dependence on Glasses

LRS can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses, providing clear vision for a wide range of activities.

Long-Lasting Results

The effects of LRS are permanent, offering lasting vision improvement.

Versatile Vision Correction

LRS is suitable for various refractive errors and can address age-related vision changes like presbyopia.


Risks and Considerations

LRS is generally safe, but like any surgical procedure, it carries some risks, which may include infection, retinal detachment, or glare/halos. It is crucial to discuss these potential risks with your surgeon during the consultation to make an informed decision.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and what options would be most suitable for you.
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